About the Creators

Dubmodder™ is an interactive online tool for customizing your vehicle with genuine aftermarket and OEM automotive parts. Slipstream Studios, a dynamic group of multi-disciplinary individuals who share a love and a passion for the brand. Founded in 2002, Slipstream Studios caters to the automotive industry and the promotion of various car brands. The team has created websites, banners, and print media for aftermarket automotive companies as well as authorized automotive dealerships.

We came to the conclusion we wanted to be even more deeply involved with the car modding community. We asked ourselves, how can we take it to the next level and bring a new and exciting element to the equation? The answer: Dubmodder™; a car modding configurator designed for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts. Countless hours have gone into Dubmodder™ to ensure meticulous detail and authenticity.

We hope you have as much fun using Dubmodder™ as we had creating it. Look for future updates and additional new Dubmodder™ features as Slipstream Studios expands this creative new tool.

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